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Sidecut Park, Toledo, Ohio.
Photo credit: M.A. Stinson

Trees. Art by M.A. Stinson. Reiki-treated.

Enter the World of Fairy and find healing. tranquility and fun.

What? Are you kidding? Fairy?

Yep. You. Me. Especially if you

  • love nature
  • collect stones or wear crystal and gemstone jewelry
  • like to garden
  • crave adventure
  • enjoy stories of Merlin, King Arthur, or of trolls, elves, Avalon
  • need support for your life or creative ventures

Fairy Reiki/Avalon Energy, one Reiki tool, comes from mystical Avalon where the Fae folk lived in the forest and land. This particular kind of Reiki session will help you lighten up, tune in, and will enrich your life in countless ways that have to do with nurturing yourself and earthly gardens, softening in your body, loosening up and finding more to your time here on the planet.

This Reiki and the Fairy Nature Realms Reiki that I also use is my favorite Reiki to use with children. I find that all sorts of wonderful elves and fairies appear in my imagination and talk to children through me. It’s a lot of fun and it’s also helpful for children who may be suffering on some level their own unique stresses.

Sometimes when parents don’t know what to do, this kind of creative session will do wonders. I now offer a special rate for children here – just scroll down the page to Children’s Services, mention Fairy Reiki anyway you’d like and we’ll go from there.

Meanwhile, reach for the stars, open to earth and sing a happy tune 🙂

Many blessings,
Melanie A. Stinson

Artist: M.A. Stinson

Body therapy or bodywork can mean massage, somatic therapy, acupressure, shiatsu, Tui Na, Rosen Method Bodywork and any kind of energy healing including Reiki – if it uses touch or is hands-on.

Experts estimate that upwards of ninety percent of disease is stress-related. And perhaps nothing ages us faster, internally and externally, than high stress.

The difference between alternative medicine holistic therapy body work and massage is that clients remain clothed in their  session or treatment. Due to the clothing, lotions and creams are generally not incorporated. There may be some kneading, pressure and manipulation of tissue but that may not be the case as some modalities use predominantly light or gentle touch.

Bodywork is a tool for managing stress, which translates into:

  • Decreased anxiety.
  • More balanced energy.
  • Enhanced sleep quality.
  • Improved concentration.
  • Feelings of well-being and peace.
  • Greater confidence and optimism.

Bodywork like CCT, acupressure, shiatsu, Thai massage and Reiki can also help specifically address a number of health issues. Bodywork therapy can:

  • Alleviate low-back pain and improve range of motion.
  • Alleviate emotional factors that are a component of healing.
  • Bring the body into balance.
  • Ease medication dependence.
  • Ease grief, life transitions and highly emotional life changes.
  • Help release entrenched patterns.
  • Help athletes and performers of any level prepare for, and recover from, strenuous workouts and performances.
  • Improve the condition of the body’s largest organ—the skin.
  • Increase joint flexibility.
  • Balance the chakras.
  • Lessen depression and anxiety.
  • Enhance mental attitude.
  • Improve flow.
  • Reduce postsurgery healing time.
  • Reduce allergies and infections.
  • Help release tension and contracted, overused muscles.
  • Release endorphins—amino acids – feel good chemicals – that work as the body’s natural painkiller.
  • Relieve migraine and headache pain.
  • Help relieve fibromyalgia.
  • Bring nurturing comfort and greater feelings of well-being.

Sometimes traditional massage and bodywork bring up fears, anxieties, and grief and sorrow. Not all massage therapists or bodywork therapists are experienced in handling these kinds of emotions.

A bodywork therapist or body-centered energy practitioner who is trained to understand the mind – body – spirit connection can help you make sense of where the emotions are coming from.

The body is a storehouse of information and with the right guidance you can bring conscious awareness to patterned behaviors (e.g. chronically tight shoulders, torqued hips, tension headaches, allergies and certain stress-related illnesses). Each of these physical ailments has an emotional story to tell.

How many times have you been seen by a professional massage therapist, chiropractor, or medical doctor for a tight neck or severe headache only to have it return once you’re out the door?

A bodyworker who works in a holistic fashion (with acupressure, meditation, mindfulness, Rosen Method of Movement, stretching, and flower essences, for example) will help you to explore and possibly connect with the root cause.

A conscientious practitioner will refer you to other holistic professionals like yoga instructors, psychotherapists or your doctor for your greater well-being.

Body therapy or body work, as with any therapeutic treatment, involves a willingness to seek ongoing support if appropriate. It is an investment in one self, short term and long term.

If you’re a mother with young children and find it difficult to schedule time for yourself to relax and pursue any form of stress relief, I offer a wonderful solution: schedule a Reiki session with me and bring your child.

I love giving mothers Reiki with a two – three or four year old on the massage table with them. If you live in Bowling Green, Ohio, you might luck out and have me come to your home as I have an antigravity chair lounger perfect for in home sessions, though we can also work on sofas, beds or comfy chairs. In B.G. I work out of my family home. In Toledo, I offer Reiki in a professional office. All private sessions are by appointment only.

I also teach Usui Reiki and if you’re interested but would like to include your children, I can create a family Reiki class. It’s fun and relaxing and healing all in one. You and your family members learn basic hand positions, receive a manual, are passed Reiki through a ritual called an attunement, and explore energy and develop your intuition so you discover other ways to give Reiki. Children take to Reiki because they like to help Mom and Dad and siblings feel better. My own mother called me a sensitive “psychic” child when I was growing up. She didn’t know about Reiki. It would have helped me a great deal if she had.

Reiki classes are ongoing, so call to schedule any time.

I have worked with children who were suffering from anxiety and who were self-conscious and timid. Sometimes, if a child is open to it, I will give an in-person touch session. But for children who don’t know me, I can also use something I call my “fairy stones.” These are stones that have been treated or activated to Reiki. I also offer fairy reiki in several forms and teach fairy nature realms reiki for families or small groups of children. Fairy Reiki is a great choice for children.

I have seen a fearful young girl unable to present her speech to me begin giving it within a few seconds of holding a fairy reiki  stone. She made mistakes and she forgot portions of what she wanted to say, but she moved forward and actually began–and completed the entire presentation! Such experiences are a wonder to behold, which is why I believe in Reiki so much and want school children to be able to have this resource.

If you’d like more information or to set up a Reiki session or class, click HERE


Hooked on Reiki? What?
Think about it.


Isn’t it better to be “hooked” on an energy balancing/meditation treatment than on drugs and alcohol?

A high school student began to have weekly sessions of Reiki with me. If I were a parent I could have been worried. I have talked to parents who don’t know much about Reiki and decide to learn about it when they see their son or daughter grow into more confident reassured individuals after several sessions or after a Reiki Level 1 class.

When a third grader asked his mother if he could have a Reiki play date every month, she could have been worried, but she had read about Reiki and realized it was helping her son. He no longer drank pop all day long and seemed less antsy and contented than before.

A parent might wonder, is Reiki addicting?

No. Most individuals come for one or two sessions or for several months on a weekly or monthly basis.

According to the HBO Addiction Project, “addiction is a chronic relapsing brain disease. Brain imaging shows that addiction severely alters brain areas critical to decision-making, learning and memory, and behavior control, which may help to explain the compulsive and destructive behaviors of addiction.”

Addiction has been considered physical and psychological dependence on psychoactive substances (for example alcohol, tobacco, and drugs) which cross the blood-brain barrier once ingested, temporarily altering the chemical makeup of the brain.

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is often a response to trauma or shock, peer pressure and to feelings that a person has difficulty with. S/he may feel a great sense of hopelessness, anger, frustration, fear, tension, or the pain of low self-esteem and shame. Alcoholism is also a disease that creates a dependency that is extremely difficult to break even with professional guidance.

Going for a Reiki session is first of all a way to come into balance, release stress and stressful thoughts, and usually come to a sense of well-being and peace. But it can be more.

Sometimes it leads to greater awareness of what underlies a way of being. That awareness can become a tool for positive change.

Sometimes Reiki becomes a spiritual practice and although I have heard that such practices can be addictive, they serve more to restore balance, bring peace, change attitudes, and resolve differences.

Reiki serves to make the world a better place. That’s a program I can get behind… Hooked on Reiki, Hooked on Fishing, Hooked on dancing. Yes.


Do you have a distressed child? Do you have a teen who doesn’t want to go to school any longer?

I work with youth like these and I’d love to work with more of them. I am quite unusual in working with children. As a Reiki teacher, children’s writer, former children’s and young adult creative arts and dance teacher, and a CCT/Reiki bodywork therapist, I have the unique ability to come to the child’s level and see through his or her eyes, while having the insight and training of an adult. Together, we come up with unusual solutions.

We may find a wonderful stone that feels calming and calls to us. We may talk about energy and energy fields and discover how to set our energy field like the ancient Hawaiians so we feel more grounded and more at ease in our lives.

We may connect to our energy and discover that the Force is with us like JEDI Masters who don’t need lightsabers.

We may remember that we can text GOD, Super Pickle, or some wondrous protector at any time we need. We may find a new understandings about people and places.

When I was growing up, I had an invisible yellow cape that I put on that helped with fear. I discovered it through a play process that is meditation. I consider it a brainpower practice but in other traditions it might be called imagining, visualization, or a form of Hawaiian journeying or shamanism (a shaman being a wise woman/guide).

While I am with a child I may use an energy modality like Reiki to help calm the child and reach a place of balance in which we create a temporary resting place where the child feels safe. Sometimes the temporary “fix” becomes the solution. Often the child becomes empowered within so that s/he continues to create and resolve situations and challenges for him or herself. Once in awhile the child so enjoys the experience that s/he may ask to return for another session or sessions with me.

My prices are reasonable. And be assured that when a behavioral therapist or medical professional is needed, I advocate using their services. Reiki and all that I use in a session with a young person can be accommodated alongside any belief system, spiritual or non-religious, and any medical practice.

DM or e-mail me for more information and we can set up a time to Skype or talk by phone about you and your children.

Crystalline Consciousness Technique or CCT as most like to call it, is a self-empowering energy healing tool that offers individuals a way to grow their conscious awareness and the benefits of improved quality of life, accelerated learning, spiritual and psychic development, enhanced creativity, and more. It can be used with traditional medical treatments and medicines, as well as other alternative and complimentary healing systems.

When we see no way out, when we can’t “think” our way through an obstacle, like Reiki CCT allows us to feel better…

CCT works through sacred geometric healing chambers, vibrations of energy, five unique life force frequencies that offer you the opportunity to release patterns that no longer serve you while they allow you to follow the process of your growth through the stating of intentions.

The CCT practitioner holds the space–the “container”–in which growth, empowerment,  “healing,” transforming and creation take place.

Those who see energy will tell you they see gridwork, fibers, spirals, cubes and other geometric shapes of energy in and around us. They see such energies shift, transform and come in during a session.

People always want to know what the crystalline in the name refers to. It’s a vibrational reference that some people call liquid crystal.

Crystalline structures are the elemental building blocks of life arranged in an ordered geometric pattern or motif that determine their shape and name. Each has its own vibration or resonance. In mineralogy and crystallography, a crystal structure is a unique arrangement of atoms in a crystal and I feel strongly that this is like the atoms and vibrational reference that practical intuitive Laura Day uses in her Circle Meditation and in her book, The Circle.

CCT is holographic in nature, quite like in Star Trek-speak.

I think of CCT as Jedi Master training, working from the inside out, a sensing of, or gut instinct. You might also see it as having a relationship like in the movie Avatar. Whether you’re in a session, or training to be a professional practitioner, you are evolving yourself and your conscious awareness without using traditional thought processes.

CCT is a multi-dimensional experience.

CCT addresses what we are attempting to do intentionally and intuitively. It grows us.

It is spiritual practice at its best. When our thoughts, beliefs and mindsets get in the way, CCT works with us to evolve us to righting our upside-down way of being in the world. We work with our guides or our Super Intelligence.

How does CCT work? Energetically and holistically – body mind spirit. It’s a process. One session involves three phases which can be performed on a sofa, bed, or massage table–almost anywhere that provides some comfort to the one receiving.

A series of sessions might be used to work with childhood trauma or to help an injured dancer whose body for some reason has resisted healing.

CCT like Reiki can also be done distance, so anyone can receive a mini-session or full session anywhere in the world. I’ve given non-talk sessions to people on their lunch hours at work in California, New York City, and England when I’m in Ohio. I’ve also worked with groups this way through one person who sends me the intentions of any colleagues who wish to participate.

Businesses can improve teamwork and grow their unique vision in this way. Individuals and groups can meet and conduct goal-planning or visioning meetings in a CCT session and talk.

In the first phase of a CCT session, Opening, the body is prepared for deep healing. As physical therapist Marion Rosen says of her Rosen Method Bodywork, this phase in CCT helps relax the ego as the breathing changes and we open more fully to receive healing than we can do on our own.

In phase two, we do a bit of spring cleaning. Our body-mind is cleared of its debris… like clearing a field or taking out all your recycleables. This is the phase where the geometric healing chambers are invoked or called in, and where we are able to release patterns that no longer serve us. Then through the stating of powerful intentions, we bring in new energetic patterns and perspectives that better support and fit us. The mind takes a rest during this process.

Like in Avatar we feel connected to the ground of us (for one sort of image)–our divine link up–so we more easily receive what we need of a divine or spiritual nature.

Phase three is a smoothing out of the process a participant in CCT undergoes, a final polishing, a deeper opening in which we experience gratitude for all we are.

To evolve yourself, for questions about CCT, and to schedule an appointment or CCT-empowered Reiki class (classes are ongoing), please make contact with Melanie A. Stinson here or DM on twitter

Something’s moving and it just might be you… or someone of the younger sort who you care about–a lot.

Click here to lEarthscapeearn what it’s all about and offer your support.

I used to see disorganization as chaos. Then I read somewhere that the beginning of all creation is chaos, and creation is art.

Now I use what I see around me to give me information, reframe my perspective, turn things around, and often, to create something new.

Jumping around in what I read or what I do is no longer, “Oh gees, am I ADD?” It’s a way to do a lot of things, multi-task or what have you, complete one or two items on my “To Do” List, and be open for what’s to come.

It’s using all of me to create my life. I know I’ve chosen to do as much as I can–a little each day if possible–to shift through the piles and ideas, to toss things out into the vast oasis of the present moment.

HUNA JEDI RULE #1: Now is the moment of power.

I would love to hire an organizer and get it all taken care of. But as I look around the room I’m in now, I see a life in progress: a laundry basket, a bag of clothes to be thrown out or contributed to Goodwill, a treasure chest, and a hatbox full of remarkable objects, both natural and handmade.

outdoorzengardenI do love open space–it allows me room for swashbuckling and other reminders of what I’m all about–writing vividly.

I would like one house that is a work of art: pristine and open with large bay windows looking out on the world. However, this house could not be in the Antarctic. It might be on beachfront,  riverside or lakeside. It would have a few stunning sculptures as well as plants, just a few though, to preserve it’s openness. It would be like a meditation: clear, a deep silence about it, profoundly peaceful. It would be a house filled with Reiki and the delight of enchanted nature: probably a few large crystals and gemstones (unusual ones though like Aragonite Star Clusters, Mookite, or Aquatine Lemurian Jade).

palmspoolThis home would allow nature in. (I’m getting that nature can be chaotic; it is not all pristine.) Ahh. This home is for play, and play often needs large open space to it, so one can roam, or move expressively, or give some sort of theatrical performance.

Perhaps this is a home that’s more like a giant theater or cathedral. Is that possible? I suppose it could be if I regard this home as a sort of second one. (Of course, I wonder now, is this a kind of workplace or workspace?)

This home might allow nature in simply by being in a natural area where I might see Great Blue Heron or a place like the Everglades full of mystery and mist, and curling, weaving growth (but not too crowded together so as to allow its sense of infinity and spaciousness).

See what you think. What am I going for here? Is it a real home of wood, mortar and stone? Or is it a place to go to for alone time–like a starship above a forest but inside me, a heart(h) place?

HUNA JEDI RULE #2: This is a place4us, a place of Aloha

I don’t know about you, but I feel much better about myself in this whole escapade, and I feel more like I’m accomplishing much more than I thought I could. I might go write an adventure now or a romping dance revue. Certainly I can go go go about my busy day!

A couple links for you:


placeoffulfillmentfunfaerie-finefeelings… kid friendly (but you know those mischief makers)

Enjoy 2010 the Space Odyssey (it’s got the same numbers as the 2001 version for you note takers).


It is possible. We are on our way. We’ve been here a long time and the enchantment of our lives calls to us every moment.

Listen, seek your own song, your own music, find your laughing place and celebrate–dance to the music. Any way is okay. Any old… any new way.

Many blessings.

EFT, Reiki, metaphor/language, meditation, movement. What do these have to do with kids doing better in school? A lot.

When children no longer want to go to school, they don’t do well. They may develop all sorts of weird symptoms and start getting sick in order to miss school and avoid whatever traumatic situation is at the root of their distress.

EFT has been shown to help adults and young people with test anxiety. Reiki is a genuinely powerful relaxation and stress relief technique being used around the globe today, often in places that serve families. It is advocated by licensed medical professionals.

Metaphor and language can help reframe a child’s experience. The adult world is not a young person’s world no matter how much we might think that it is. Children want love. We all do. We just don’t know how to ask for it or know what to do if we aren’t able to experience it in acceptable ways wherever we may be.

Meditation helps with focus. If a child is distracted, relaxing and then learning to focus may feel extremely empowering. This can allow a child to feel safer and more able to cope with whatever is troubling them.
Movement is a part of every child’s life. When we ask young people to sit still, we are doing great damage. The brain works better when we move. Probably no one knows this better than athletes, dancers, performers, musicians, and great orators, who may have felt repressed in school until they came to some aspect or class that allowed them to express themselves while standing, using their limbs, and moving about the room. Recess is not sufficient for this, although it invigorates the brain and being with fresh air and sometimes an encounter with nature. Physical education, valuable as it is, is not concerned with that which is being addressed in this article.

Educators have a great responsibility toward those they teach, because everything they do and say has a lifelong impact upon their students. For this reason, it is very important that homeschooled and public school children and youth be empowered by allowing them to make their own decisions, within a set structure, and teaching them how to best deal with the outcomes of their decisions. It is important for young people to be encouraged to develop a close relationship with their inner selves, their sense of themselves that they carry inside, and to become aware of reactions and feelings each may have in a group, especially in school.

APlace4Us is committed to helping children through a variety of means. In addition to the above types of activities, APlace4Us has links to other options. Melanie A. Stinson, the web master of this site, has developed art and writing designed to work with young people. She uses children’s imaginations and an attitude of play to enable children to discover what works best for them in addressing their symptoms and concerns. Children may talk, share, write, draw or investigate through nature, working with stones, plants, or images, and learning the language that they speak but may have been unable to articulate to other “grown ups” and authority figures.

The way an artist works with a child is not what a therapist or guidance counselor does, although similar techniques might be incorporated in such sessions. Even though we have greatly evolved, children can still sense a stigma with regard to seeing a therapist or school counselor, or even speaking to their teacher, especially if those around them hold a sense of unease or disrespect for the techniques used by these professionals.

Because Melanie is a children’s writer, artist, and movement/ relaxation specialist she can be a kind of “friend” to young people and this helps them open up.

Melanie is looking to connect to those people and organizations who can best help her reach  young people in need of the services she offers. If you or your child could benefit, please contact Melanie. She works with children individually, and her services are geared to your resources. She will speak to you clearly about the situation that she encounters.

An Ohioan, Melanie is available for school visits in northwest Ohio and in New York City (when she is there visiting or arrangements have been made for her to be in the area). She loves to compare notes with teachers about what they notice in the classroom and can often help teachers reach new solutions for the situations that may have arisen.

Through a special long distance technique that can be set up via e-mail or phone, Melanie can work with children who are not in the same location as she is. She has worked with a sick baby in Jakarta and a teen in Virginia who was later diagnosed as having ADHD.

Melanie is hoping to adapt some of her methods as podcasts, DVDs or Internet videos. More information about those will be available in the future.

Please visit The POFFF for some free options young people may enjoy in privacy as they encounter the world of global connection.